Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Games

As you all know, In November Modern Warfare 3 and Saints Row; The Third is coming out and both of them games are amazing and i have pre-ordered them both so that will be £90 in 10 days spent on xbox games.

And if that wasn't it's my birthday on the 24/11 and that just great because Call of Duty games get released near my birthday.

Hope you enjoy this!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My Games

Hi All,

Long time since i have done my blog but here's the next one my games
on the photo you can see my games but i am pretty rubbish at taking pictures so sorry if you can't make it out properly. In Total i have 20 games and they are:

BFBC2, GTA IV, Saints row 2, Halo 3, World At War,Forza 2, Forza 3
Ghost Recon 2, R6V2, red dead redemption, Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end, CoD4, Medal of Honour, MoH Airborne, Lips, AC2, MW2, Viva Pinata and finally Black Ops which is not in the picture.

Hopefully next time i do a blog my picture taking wil be better!!

Enjoy!! :)

Friday, 15 April 2011


Hi Gamer,

This is my first blog post and i hope to do more in the future. My name is Martin Moseley, I am 15 years old and  live in Salford. I love to play on my Xbox and when I turn 16 i am going to join the RNR (Royal Navy Reserves)

My Favourite Game is R6V2 (Rainbow 6 Vegas 2) It is really good but tactical because you rescue hostages and disarm bombs but it is really fun and when you are online you meet some awesome people, I met a Boy called Hakon Ludvigsen from Norway and we always talk.

I decide to do this blog Because i was Inspired By my sister (Charlotte Platt) Who does a fashion blog1

Enjoy! :)